5EL SA is the Lausanne based and Swiss listed digital technologies, digital commerce and media firm. We invest in, own and operate a highly synergetic portfolio of businesses benefiting from accelerated development of Internet as we know it now into Internet of Everything, where people, organizations, companies, machines and devices communicated in a decentralized manner creating previously unimaginable efficiencies in life and business. 5EL is active in digital content, online marketing and advertising space and other applications of disruptive digital technologies in traditional industries.

Side by side with online marketing business, the Company is targeting acquisition and development of innovative e-commerce solutions catering to the needs of modern consumers and businesses.

An important recent structural development at 5EL has been an establishment of the new business unit named 5EL Blockchain Lab. Under this unit the Company is consolidating its initiatives in the areas of the transformational new technologies and business models with a specific focus on decentralization, disintermediation and automation of commercial and organizational processes.


Digital Marketing and Advertising

Our mission is to provide our clients with the ability to build and grow their business using a variety of digital tools. Through the use of cutting edge technology and content marketing solutions aimed at attracting and engaging the millennial and Generation Z audiences, we facilitate the monetization by converting these audiences to active customers of our clients' products and services.

We focus on long term engagements that we develop and manage in full alignment with our clients' strategic business objectives, with a heavy use of data, multilingual content and latest tech from semantic web through machine learning to blockchain applications, all aimed at powering the profitability of our clients' digital offer.

Sample Engagement: 5EL's subsidiary The Native Media Inc has built and operates The Eurovision Fan House on the basis of the long term license agreement with European Broadcasting Union


5EL is focusing on innovative e-commerce projects bringing a larger level of decentralization in the process of exchange of goods and services. Several exciting projects are in the pipeline and will be disclosed and presented in near future.

5EL Blockchain Lab

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are better known as “blockchain”. It is essentially technology supporting databases that can securely function without being administered by a central party.

The first popular application of DLT has been Bitcoin, followed by other blockchain based crypto currencies. The next transformative project has been Ethereum, marrying blockchain with business logic through “smart contract". The basis of a technological foundation for decentralized world has therefore arrived (at least in principle).

A few years after Bitcoin and blockchain have been taken up by crypto enthusiasts, DLT has been noticed and is now seriously pursued by financial institutions, companies in other industries and governmental organizations that see its large potential for improving the efficiency of their operations.

DLT is being introduced in variety of industries including energy, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, media and entertainment, healthcare, and government services. As a naturally collaborative technology, DLT offers the ability to dramatically improve the business processes and social services.

5EL is partnering up with businesses, non-profit organizations and software developers with a goal to roll out efficient and innovative operation and collaboration platforms for more efficient trade, logistics and asset management in various industries from energy and shipping to art and sports.